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The SMARTEYE® X-MARKTM is the fastest, most accurate registration mark sensor available on the market. The XMARKTM was designed to target the printing, packaging, and converting markets.

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CURRENT REQUIREMENTS 30mA (exclusive of load)
OUTPUTS • (1) NPN and/or (1) PNP output transistor. • Outputs sink or source up to 150mA (current limit) • All outputs are continuously short circuit protected
REMOTE AUTOSET INPUT • XM/XMC-1 & 2 Models – Momentary sinking input (1mA) • XM/XMC-3 Models – Momentary sourcing input (1mA) Note: Remote programming vailable in XM/XMC-1 Models only.
DIAGNOSTIC INDICATORS Contrast Indicator Red LED Output Indicator Green LED Timer Indicator Red LED INVERT Indicator
PUSHBUTTON CONTROL • AUTOSET • INVERT outputs • Manual Adjustments • Timer – 10ms Pulse Stretcher
HYSTERESIS Dynamic – adjusted by AUTOSET
AMBIENT TEMPERATURE 10ºC to 60ºC (50ºF to 140ºF)
RUGGED CONSTRUCTION • Chemical resistant, high impact polycarbonate housing • Waterproof ratings: NEMA 4X, 6P and IP67 • Conforms to heavy industry grade CE requirements
LIGHT SOURCE White - Broadband Color Spectrum
LIGHT IMMUNITY Responds to sensor’s pulsed modulated light source – immune to most ambient light including indirect sunlight AMBIENT TEMPERATURE
REMOTE LT/DK INPUT • XM/XMC-2 Model – Connect to Negative/0VDC • XM/XMC-3 Model – Connect to Positive/10-30VDC

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The SMARTEYE® X-MARKTM is the fastest, most accurate registration mark sensor available on the market. The XMARKTM was designed to target the printing, packaging, and converting markets. By creating a specific sensor to exceed the current capability of the market leaders, and at a price that removes all barriers to change, the X-MARKTM is sure to attract the attention of engineers and purchasing agents alike.

The SMARTEYE® X-MARKTM uses a 2.2mm light spot that can detect a mark, edge, or product as it approaches the sensor in any direction. Some competitive models use a line to give the impression of accuracy, but through specific testing, we've discovered that these very expensive sensors are not as accurate as they appear. The X-MARKTM sensors’ 5μs repeatability provides reassurance of accuracy at the highest speeds in any direction. The only question is... "How fast can the machine run?" The sensor was designed as a drop-in replacement to the existing market leaders. The bracket system provides the customer with a hole-for-hole configuration that aligns the focal point in the exact position of similar sensors currently on the market. Having this unique ability to be a drop-in replacement ensures the customer's requirements are met and exceeded without additional mechanical, electrical, or performance considerations. Using the X-MARKTM, High Speed Photoelectric Registration Sensor from Tri-Tronics® removes performance limitations and allows for full throughput capacity at the highest speeds in any direction.



This unique feature provides automatic digital selection of amplifier gain based upon your sensing requirements.

EDR® (Patent No. 5,621,205)

Another unique feature is the digitally controlled EDR (Enhanced Dynamic Range) circuit. It prevents Dark State saturation and expands the operating range without reducing amplifier gain.


The AUTOSET adjustment routine only requires the push of one button, one time. There are four AUTOSET Modes to choose from: Light State, Dark State, Two-Point, and Dynamic. Light State AUTOSET is used when there is a light background with a dark mark; Dark State AUTOSET is used when there is a dark background with a light mark; Two-Point AUTOSET is used when the background and mark are very similar in color or contrast; Dynamic AUTOSET is used when there is a requirement to jog the mark past the sensor on-the-fly, or when there isn't an opportunity to stop the system for setup.


Remotely AUTOSET the sensor by applying a contact closure from the Remote AUTOSET input wire to negative (0VDC) or positive (10- 30VDC), depending on model, as shown in the wiring diagram. The Remote AUTOSET command will duplicate the last manual AUTOSET performed.


When the “OFF” delay pulse stretcher is enabled, the output duration is extended by 10 milliseconds. Enabling the Timer allows ample time for the controller to respond. The time durations of the gap between marks must be longer than the selected delay.


Remotely program the sensor's four AUTOSET Modes, Change the Timer, Invert the output, make minor adjustments, and repeat the last AUTOSET performed by applying a contact closure to negative (0VDC) in a simple sequence of pulses. This can be accomplished using a PLC pulse train, an HMI, or a momentary pushbutton switch.


Provides “at-a-glance” performance data.


Built-in 5-pin M12 connector, or 6' Cable.


Through-hole or Bracket Mount.


10μs response time when responding to Light or Dark State. 5μs repeatability.

Special Features


The Remote Programming feature of the SMARTEYE® X-MARKTM allows the customer to configure, AUTOSET, and tweak the sensor using a PLC pulse-train, HMI, NPN transistor output, or momentary pushbutton switch to 0VDC/ground. This provides the customer with control over every aspect of the sensor configuration without having to physically touch the sensor. If you have several sensors on your machine; have sensors buried deep within the mechanical structure of the machine; or have your sensors in safe areas behind interlocks… you can easily access these sensors remotely to perform a "digital changeover" due to this unique, special feature.