TRI-TRONICS® designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality photoelectric sensors, fiberoptic light guides and controls for a wide variety of industrial automation applications.

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  • The SMARTEYE® MARK III is the “first” high performance photoelectric sensor in a miniature size that you can use anywhere... for any task... including your toughest industrial sensing applications.

  • OPTI-EYE® Photoelectric Sensors are high performance and versatile when applied to tough industrial sensing tasks. This sensor provides a combination of high gain and high speed of response (500 microseconds).

  • Many design features have been incorporated into the MITY•EYE® to prevent mechanical or electrical damage and to provide trouble-free operation. The sensitivity pot is protected with a clutch to prevent damage from over-travel. The entire sensor is epoxy-encapsulated to ensure mechanical strength. The case itself is rugged and watertight.

  • The TINY-EYE® Miniature Photoelectric Sensor “unlocks the door” to big cost savings with its ability to perform many industrial sensing tasks. Changing the lens changes the sensing mode. TINY-EYE® utilizes our “quick-change” optical blocks, allowing the TINY-EYE® to be used in multiple sensing modes.

  • The SMARTEYE®RETROSMART® retroreflective sensor is optimized to detect translucent/transparent containers and shiny objects. You can depend on the RETROSMART® sensor’s ability to reliably sense any object, regardless of the size or shape, from the leading edge to the trailing edge without false signals, a requirement when the sensing task involves...

  • The SMARTEYE® STEALTH-UV sensor is a special purpose sensor designed to detect the presence of invisible fluorescent materials contained in or added to chalks, inks, paint, greases, glue, or optical brighteners found in labels, paper, tape, string, etc.

  • The SMARTEYE® X-PRO XPC is the most versatile Photoelectric Communication Sensor available on the market. This unique photoelectric sensor is designed to be used in any application where physical contact of the sensor is either restricted, undesirable, or delays production line throughput.

  • The LABEL•EYE® is a photoelectric sensor designed specifically to sense labels on a roll. Since the LABEL•EYE® is a one-touch AUTOSET sensor and not the conventional "teach mode" sensor, set-up is simple. Position the gap between the labels directly under the sensor's sight guide and push the "Normal" or "Translucent" button.

  • SMARTEYE® Light Sources and Receivers have been designed to perform Beam Break or thru-beam sensing tasks where the material or container is dense, the lens is subject to contamination buildup, or for long range sensing in harsh environments. A complete system includes a Dual LED High- Intensity Light Source and a Complementary Receiver.

  • The SMARTEYE® COLORMARK™ ll Registration Mark Sensors combine unique color perception ability with very high speed response. Many important features have been incorporated into the design to meet the increasing demand for precision registration control on today’s higher speed packaging machinery.

  • The Mark•Eye® PRO registration mark sensor was designed to detect printed registration marks on a continuous web. Optimized for high-speed color detection, seeing registration marks on form-fill-seal machinery has never been easier.

  • The Mark•Eye® is a registration mark sensor designed to see printed registration marks on most packaging materials on a continuous web. The “onetouch” setup enables the sensor to be adjusted with a single push of a button. There is no more guess work, making the operator’s adjustment procedure easy.

Showing 13 - 24 of 24 items